The Best Way to Sell Your Mobile Phone: Visit

The mobile phone technology has experienced tremendous growth over years. In a world full of technology, new versions of mobile phones keep emerging and people tend to fit in the new wave by disposing their old gadgets and buying new ones. Statistics indicate that an average person upgrades his/her phone after every 18 months, that totals to a great number of phones disposed annually. This creates a negative impact on the environment as a result of pollution. So which is the best way to dispose your gadget? Join me as I guide you through a process that will earn you cash from disposing your old mobile phone. is the best phone recycling company. They buy old phones at favourable prices thus assisting in preserving your environment plus reward you with cash. Then how does the sales process unfold? First, you need to identify and select the phone you wish to sell, search it on their website where you will view its price tag. Add your phone to the cart and request for an order. After that process, you will be required to post your phone to the address they have indicated at their website. It’s recommended that you use secure ways of sending your phone to prevent damage/ loss during transit; consider insuring your phone while in transit. Upon receipt of the phone, the team must verify whether your phone is in good working condition. This phone must switch on and off, should be complete with a battery, must have a functional camera, the screen should be intact with no cracks among others. After that verification, they will approve your order and start processing your payment. payments are made via Cheque or BACS within 24 hours.


Contrary, if your phone is proved to be in bad condition, you will receive an email notifying you of the same. You will be given up to 28 days to claim the rejected phone, failure to which it will be destroyed.

So what are the advantages of using this product?

• Environmental friendly- recycling your cell phones reduces green house emissions thus reducing air pollution.

• Secure- Sell My Phone offers a secure way of disposing your phone and receiving your payment. Payments are made within 24 hours.

• Financial- you can generate some extra revenue by selling your old phone. In fact, most people sell their old mobile phones and utilize the funds from the sale to buy the latest models.
The only two setbacks I will mention are its:-

• Long bureaucracy-especially on the phone verification process. All phones received must go through Checkmend database to ensure they are genuine and not registered lost or stolen. These procedures are necessary for security checks and patience is required from the customers.

• Residency limitations- This product is limited to United Kingdom and is bound by the English Law hence discourages users from other countries from transacting.

In conclusion, this product offered by them is the best in disposing your old cell phones. I strongly recommend that you recycle your mobile with and you will not be disappointed. Visit them today and dispose your phone at great prices.


As you know Windows 10 hit the market with a new browser codenamed Spartan to replace Internet Explorer and disreputable-indeed. The truth is that too many details are not known about this web browser, just that it will have a very similar to that offered by the major players and current competitors in the world of navigation system: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and just as we have read in The Verge, Spartan offer several interesting features which incidentally are not yet available by its competitors. Will there be a rematch of Microsoft?

The average indicates that one of the unique features of Spartan would be called “inking support” or “support inking” which allow users to annotate any web page with a stylus and quickly share them with anyone else. Actually this is something like what it offers one of the latest handsets to appear on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with its stylus can create and share notes efficiently.

Furthermore, if this is not enough Microsoft has been working on a new system of grouping tabs, differentiating between tabs, for example work-related and personal tabs. Thus one would be able to separate work and personal life, something that really is fashionable thanks to the various options offered by current mobile operating systems like Android and some manufacturers in their own user interfaces.

Moreover, we must also talk about Cortana, this PDA is present in Windows Phone will also be integrated into Windows 10 and as expected in Spartan. In addition to help the user to surf the web and performing “simple” search as is the case with “OK Google” in Chrome will allow more fully searchable as a flight itinerary or directions to a particular location. All these features attached to a lightweight user interface like this in the browser Google could help users chose to end and back to a browser developed by Microsoft.